Yoga- Word, Place of origin, Types, Benefits, Purpose

Word- The word yoga is derived from the word ‘yog’ in sanskrit . The language sanskrit is originally generated in India in vedic time period.

Place of origin

The place of origin of yoga is India . According to many research and article yoga origins can be traced to northern India over 5000 years ago. In Rig veda there is first time mentioned of the word yog. There are so many things related to yoga has written in the Rig veda. The yoga is practiced and developed by the rishis(sages) Of ancient India at the very early stage or starting of yoga . Yoga is amongst the philosophy of Hinduism and also a major part of Buddhism and it’s meditation practice . The first museum of yoga is Shri yogendra museum of classical yoga. In this museums you can find the more about the history of yoga. Historical evidence of yoga were seen in the pre vedic period(2700 B.C.)

Patanjali is often regarded as the father of modern yoga the patanjali yoga sutras are a compilation of Sanskrit sutras on the philosophy and practice of ancient yoga. The main sources from which we get information about yoga practice and the related literature are available in four vedas, one hundred and eight upanishads two epics, eighteen puranas, teaching of Buddhism and Jainism etc.

Types of yoga

There are mainly 04 types of yoga’s:

• Karma yoga
• Bhakti yoga
• Raja yoga
• Jnana yoga

Karma yoga– karma means service. In the practice of karma yoga . You have to perform an action without any expectation of any reward in the return, thus renouncig the fruit of action. If you have the right attitude you can do this yoga at anywhere and anytime where it desire to be served. A karma yogi sublimate the ego, purified the body and release oneness with all beings by acting selfless. This yoga can be done by anyone this is so useful to body and the mind of the person who perform it rightly karma yoga is one the most important yoga asan in yoga.

Bhakti yoga– “the easiest, quickest and surest means of god realisation” is known as bhakti yoga. The word bhakti means devotion to god. This yoga is devotional approach of one of pure love. You can participate in this yoga by many ways like praying, chanting mantra, japa(reporting a mantra or the name of divine) and by the participating in ceremonials and rituals. So these are the some examples of bhakti yoga and there are many other ways to practices the bhakti yoga it is the yoga in which you can feel connected to the god or the divine one .This is the way from which aspirant choose a medium to express their devotion to developed their relation with the divine one. In the Hindu culture there are tradition of gurus. Bhakti yoga is practised by the way of kirten( chanting the name of god and the divine one) rituals, prayers, ceremonial, celebrating festivals and service to the guru. This are the different methods of practicised the bhakti yoga.

Raja yoga– the word raja means royal . This is scientific step by step approach of yoga, the once of a mind control “Meditation is the royal road to the attainment of freedom, a mysterious ladder that reaches from earth to heaven, darkness to light, mortality to immorality” this is the quotes by swami sivananda a yoga guru. The mind is systematically analysed and various techniques are applied to bring it under control in the practice of raja yoga. This process turns the physical and mental energy into spirituals energy. In this yoga there are also other yoga includes like Hatha yoga (yoga posture, cleaning techniques and breathing techniques) and meditation and other which can help to control mind, body and senses. It’s also includes Ashtanga yoga (eight limbs) described by Patanjali maharishi which leads to absolute mind control. The raja yoga is the yoga which you can obtain the power of controlling and meditation of mind.

Jnana yoga– the word jnana means knowledge. This is the philosophical approach to yoga. This is the yoga of knowledge. “It is the path of knowledge. Moksha is attained through knowledge of brahman. Release is achieved through realisation of the identity of the individual soul with supreme soul or Brahman. It is the most important or direct of the four paths, using intellectual inquiry for spiritual evolution. Jnana yoga is practised through Shravana- listening to the teaching of the guru or the study of the scriptures such as vedas. Manana- reflections on the teachings, Nididhyasana- meditation on the nature of truth. The person who practiced this yoga to uses the mind to examine it’s own nature through vicara(right inquiry) and viveka(self- analyses). Through lectures and talks on a variety of topics related to the philosophy of yoga and through the study of spirituals texts and gurus teaching. This is the most important yoga in four of these it is the yoga of knowledge and knowledge is power. This yoga is mainly done by the person or yogi who want have the power of knowledge.

Benefits of yoga

There are many benefits of yoga some important and main factors of the yoga are these:-

• The first and most important is yoga improves your daily life’s in many way like it’s keep you in good mental and physical condition

• Yoga improves your every physical aspect like strength, flexibility, movement and balance these are very important factor of body so doing yoga and asans you can enhances all these aspects because of these your posture also becoming good and your joint pains, back pain are also getting less you also get relief from these types of pain.

• Yoga can also help in curing disease like heart problems and also ease arthritis symptoms and many other diseases. If you do regular yoga practice it may reduce the level of stress and also maintain the blood flow rate in the body which help in healthier hearts status. For arthritis gentle yoga has been so affected and Ease some of the discomfort of tender and swallow joints.

• Yoga can be helpful in depression and relaxation and mean to more energy and brighter mood . Yoga help so much to the peoples who are in depression or have anxiety the meditation help to clear the mind and refresh the whole thought process and gave a new energy to yogi it help to overcome the depression and the people also get relaxed after do yoga they have a good time amount of sleep and because of this they got more brighter and have energetic day so it also proved that yoga also help in disease like depression and anxiety.

• Yoga can also to mange stress. According to national institute of health, scientific evidence shows that yoga supports stress and anger management, mental health, mindfulness, weight loss and quality sleep. Yoga also connected you with a supportive community because when you go to doing yoga in park, fields or joining the yoga classes can ease loneliness and you have to interact with people and also provide the environment for healing and supportive people because of this you have also overcome the fear of loneliness in life and have your life now more brighter and have a very good motive of doing something in life

• Yoga also promotes better self care because of these we think more about us and take of our body and mental health issues and because of these we can improve our both mental and physical condition. Numerous studies and research show that yoga can change lives of people and make them a better person and yoga is one of the most important things of life These are some major benefits of yoga you can also understand and reads other factors of yoga anywhere like a book or with the help of internet . Yoga improves are life’s of people and also make them a good human being.

Purpose of yoga

The main purpose of yoga is spiritual development practice to train the body and mind to self observe and become aware of their own nature. Mainly it is it that you have the control of our own body in our hands of spirituality mentally and physically. Yoga is meant to be a system of increasing awareness and decreasing diseases In our body. The purpose of yoga were to Cultivate awareness, discernment, self regulations and higher consciousness in the individual. It is tool with many benefits Includes reduced stress, increased relaxation and greater flexibility it has continued to grow through gyms as something that cultivates aerobic capacity and build strength. The real intention of yoga practice is that the people overcome his fear and every disease he has and make him stable and also take the charge of emotional, physical, spirituality in his own hand and became the king of our own body and also make his surrounding special and good and because of this the world is also is the good place to living and making a better world with everyone.

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